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Building Maintenance: It's Not An Expense Its Part Of Your Investment!

Posted by Andrew Lambert on August 18th , 2021

It’s a sad fact that of the millions spent on advanced building services very little is spent on maintaining them at their peak performance.

Most people drive a car nowadays and put it in for a service when so why don’t we maintain our boilers, AC units Fire Alarms and systems when we know that our car will only keep working if we maintain it?

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Topics: Building Maintenance

What To Look For When Hiring An LED Lighting Contractor

Posted by Andrew Lambert on July 30th , 2021

When you are responsible for property management and need an electrical contractor, there are certainly plenty of potential suppliers, service and installation companies out there. However, which specialist lighting contractor is best? If you plan to upgrade your interior or exterior illumination to energy-efficient LED lighting, then quality and price will probably be foremost in your thoughts. However, is there anything else of which property owners ought to be aware? Below, we discuss eight essentials to bear in mind when choosing an electrical lighting contractor.

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Topics: LED Lighting

Commercial Electrical Contractors: How To Find The Right One?

Posted by Andrew Lambert on July 29th , 2021

Business directories and phone books list numerous electrical contractors, but how does one select the right firm of electricians? When projects are ambitious or non-standard in terms of their goals and involve significant expenditure, the choice of supplier becomes all the more important. Factors such as good communication, capacity, and compatibility with one’s business ethos need due consideration, too. Here we list some points to contemplate when choosing an electrical contractor.

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Topics: Electrical Contractor

4 Tips To Consider When Looking For Your Universities Hot Water System Installer

Posted by Andrew Lambert on July 20th , 2021

Image: Lowe and Oliver undertook the complete Mechanical & Electrical installation of a new six storey Bournemouth University Student Building.

As a facilities manager, it’s important to know when your maintenance staff can undertake a job, and when you need to call in the big guns. While your onsite engineers can happily cope with the day-to-day breakdowns and maintenance routines of your university’s hot water system, it is often more cost-effective to call in specialist mechanical contractors for breakdowns, extensive upgrades and large-scale installations. How though, do you pick the right company?

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Topics: Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor

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