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How To Protect Your Buildings From Lightning!

Posted by Andrew Lambert on January 20th , 2022

Lightning strikes posed a serious threat to historic buildings for centuries. Storms were a major cause of fires, with a single strike capable of igniting a thatched roof or wooden structure, and even stone buildings weren’t immune from this threat. The history books and folklore are peppered with stories of church towers collapsing after being struck by lightning, and tall stone-built structures, such as castles and palaces, faced the continual threat of structural damage from lightning. Such was the popular dread of lightning strikes that people composed prayers and incantations specifically to safeguard them from the threat.

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The £5,000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme – Is It Worth It?

Posted by Paul Tuson on January 5th , 2022

With a £3.9bn fund to reduce the carbon footprint of UK buildings, it’s no surprise that a large portion is being channelled into boiler upgrade incentives. One carrot that is being dangled in front of businesses and homeowners is a £5,000 grant, but what is it, and is it worth it?

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Building Maintenance: It's Not An Expense Its Part Of Your Investment!

Posted by Andrew Lambert on August 18th , 2021

It’s a sad fact that of the millions spent on advanced building services very little is spent on maintaining them at their peak performance.

Most people drive a car nowadays and put it in for a service when so why don’t we maintain our boilers, AC units Fire Alarms and systems when we know that our car will only keep working if we maintain it?

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Hot Water System Maintenance: Why Is It So Important?

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 27th , 2021

Regular maintenance of hot water systems is essential for avoiding common faults. The chances are any serious system breakdown will cost substantially more in lost output or manufacturing than the modest cost of an effective ongoing maintenance plan.

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