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4 Benefits Of Commercial Heating & Boiler Maintenance Services

Posted by Paul Tuson on May 30th , 2024

A man fixing a boiler demonstrating the benefits of maintaining heating and boiler services

Keeping your building’s central heating and boiler system in optimal condition all year round is essential for providing visitors and employees with a comfortable and productive work environment, and can also reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and repairs. In this article, we’ll highlight the four key benefits of investing in a professional heating and boiler maintenance service for keeping your heating system in good working order.

1. Lower Risk Of Expensive Repairs

The main reason to invest in proactive heating maintenance is to avoid unscheduled system failures and breakdowns, and the costly repairs that inevitably follow. Commercial heating systems are often complex, and repairs can be expensive, especially if they require replacement parts at short notice, or extensive troubleshooting or remedial work. A preventative maintenance schedule, incorporating both regular inspections and cleaning, can help identify many common issues before they escalate, and reduce your lifetime repair costs.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency And Reduced Costs

Regular heating and boiler maintenance not only helps avert expensive repairs, but also helps your system to operate more efficiently, leading to greater output and reduced energy costs. By ensuring that your heating and boiler system remains clean, well lubricated, and with all components in good working condition, it won’t have to work harder than necessary to achieve and maintain the desired temperatures around your building. 

3. Improved Air Quality

Maintaining your heating and boiler system regularly can improve the air quality around your commercial property. Over time, heating systems accumulate dust, dirt, and harmful particles that can exacerbate indoor air pollution and trigger breathing problems in staff and visitors. Simple routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and replacing filters, can support your heating system to function more efficiently and not contribute to poor indoor air quality.

4. Support Meeting Legal And Industry Standards

Commercial heating and boiler systems are subject to a wide range of regulatory standards, encompassing certification, energy standards, and safety. For example, commercial gas boilers need to have a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to verify that the gas engineer conducting the work is qualified to the correct standards. Working with a professional heating maintenance contractor, such as Lowe & Oliver, gives you peace of mind that your heating infrastructure complies with all statutory and industry-specific safety standards, including Gas Safety Regulations and any regulatory requirements set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Commercial Heating And Boiler Maintenance Services – Find Out More

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