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How to Comply with New Legislation on UK Lighting

Posted by Paul Tuson on January 31st , 2024

LED Lights

Legislation introduced last year (1st September 2023) began the phasing out of fluorescent lamps in the UK. Although there are some exemptions, most companies will have to phase out their existing lighting to comply with the UK and EU-wide effort to phase out hazardous materials in fluorescent lighting, such as mercury.

Making the Switch

At Lowe & Oliver, we can help you make the transition from your outdated fluorescent lighting to LED. A full upgrade from your old system to LED lighting and the removal of the old fluorescent based control gear is the most effective option when upgrading your lighting system.

Any potential risk is also mitigated against, as most LED manufacturers offer a five-year warranty as standard, protecting your initial outlay.

Benefits of LED

Despite the upfront costs of replacing your lighting, there are many benefits to LED lighting that will save your business money in the long-term. Increased energy efficiency and other benefits easily justify your initial investment.

LED lighting is far more efficient than their halogen and fluorescent alternatives. They switch on instantly, eliminating the need to wait for them to warm up. They also don’t flicker and there is no diminishing in the quality of light they produce. A high number of off/on switch cycles don’t produce a risk of shorting out LED lamps as exists with their alternatives.

With LED lighting you can expect far greater lifespan for the lamps. LED battens’ average lifetime is 50,000 hours. This is at least three times higher than comparable fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, LED lighting is far less likely to fail due to vibrations. As such, you won’t need to replace them as frequently, further reducing your expenditure on maintenance and lightbulb replacement.

The largest benefits however are found in their energy efficiency. Up to 40% of the energy used in an office building is consumed by lighting, according to the Carbon Trust.

LED lighting loses only 10% of their light output ratio, compared to up to 40% for comparable fluorescent lighting. It’s estimated that you can reduce your lighting costs by up 80%, simply by upgrading your fluorescent based system to LED.


At Lowe & Oliver we are an industry leader with a highly qualified and experienced team of electricians and fitters. Whatever the size or scope of your needs, we can help you upgrade your lighting to LED at a competitive price.


To find out more or request a call back so one of our team can contact you regarding your needs, follow this link.

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