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Why Early Summer Is the Optimal Time To Get Your Business’s Heating System Checked

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 30th , 2023

An image of a typical radiator thermostat, part of the overall central heating system that should be serviced and checked every year.During high summer, when the temperatures are verging on scorching, it's easy to forget about your business's heating system. After all, it's typically inactive during this period. However, this is the optimal time to think about its maintenance.

Leaving your heating system unchecked throughout the summer may lead to unforeseen issues cropping up when winter hits. Scheduling a check-up for your heating system during early summer is a wise business decision. It not only helps identify problems before they exacerbate but also contributes to the overall longevity of the system, saving your business from possible costly repairs or replacements in the future.

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Proactive Maintenance: The Key to Early Problem Detection

Maintaining your heating system is more than just a preventative measure. It's about adopting a proactive approach to ensure the system is always in top-notch condition.

During a comprehensive inspection, a heating professional can detect and resolve minor issues that could, if left unchecked, evolve into significant problems. For instance, a small unnoticed leak in the heating system can lead to considerable water damage over time, disrupting your business operations and leading to expensive repair work.

Early summer check-ups provide ample time to fix these issues, preventing them from becoming major headaches when the cold weather rolls in.

Promoting Safety Through Regular Inspections

Heating systems are indispensable during the colder months but can also present potential safety hazards if improperly maintained. Regular inspections can help you identify issues such as leaks or carbon monoxide build-up, which are serious concerns.

Addressing these problems before winter arrives is vital to ensure your heating system operates safely throughout the colder months. Regular checks can identify potential carbon monoxide leaks, providing an opportunity to address the problem before it poses a risk to the occupants of your business.

Boosting Longevity and Efficiency: The Long-term Benefits of Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained heating system has two notable characteristics: longevity and efficiency. Regular inspections and timely repairs ensure that your system operates at its peak efficiency, extending its lifespan and preventing significant damage from occurring.

Furthermore, an efficient heating system can significantly reduce your business's energy expenditure. Ensuring your system is in peak condition before the winter rush can help you avoid high costs from inefficient energy use and emergency repairs. You could save as much as 30% on your bill through regular and effective heating system maintenance.

Securing Winter Readiness: Your Action Plan

Early summer check-ups for your business's heating system are not just a proactive approach to maintenance but a strategic business decision. These check-ups allow for the early detection of potential issues, ensure enhanced safety, and contribute to the system's longevity and efficiency.


So, while enjoying the summer sunshine, schedule a check-up for your heating system. It's not merely about preparing for winter but about ensuring the seamless operation of your business all year round.

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Don't leave your winter readiness to chance. Instead, schedule a summer check-up to ensure your heating system is in excellent shape for the colder months. Lowe & Oliver provides top-of-the-line commercial heating maintenance services. Our team of experts can handle all your heating system needs, ensuring it operates safely and efficiently, so get in touch today.

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