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How Your Business Can Save Money On Energy In 2023

Posted by Paul Tuson on May 18th , 2023
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Energy costs are a huge concern for UK businesses in 2023, with the high cost of electricity and gas forcing up operating overheads and prices, and contributing to inflation throughout the economy. It isn’t just manufacturers and plant operators who are feeling the pinch, but also retail and commercial office businesses, too, who have faced increased energy bills to keep their premises and employees comfortable over the winter. Click Here To Request A Call Back

What Can You Do To Help Your Business Save Money On Energy In 2023?

1. Perform An Energy Audit 

Energy is never used consistently throughout a premises, with some applications and systems acting as sinkholes that waste a disproportionate amount of energy. A regular energy audit – e.g. at the end of the winter and then before the coming winter, can identify areas where your business is wasting energy, and where potential savings can be made by, for instance, upgrading to more efficient appliances or making targeted infrastructure improvements.

2. Transition To LED Lighting

If you’re still using incandescent or strip bulbs in your workplace, 2023 is the year to migrate to LED lighting instead. Installing energy efficient LED bulbs and motion sensors – which automatically switch off your lights when not in use – can significantly reduce your electricity expenditure on lighting.

3. Maximise Natural Light

Consider ways in which you can maximise natural light in your workplace, e.g. by installing skylights or solar tubes to reduce the need for electric lighting throughout the day. This can not only save you money, but also contribute to a more positive working environment for your employees and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

4. Renewable Energy Systems

Consider investing in renewable energy sources for your premises, including solar PV systems, heat pumps, or even wind turbines if you have the space. All these investments will save you money in the long run, and many are eligible for government grants to offset your initial capital outlay. At Lowe & Oliver, we offer a tailored, cost-effective solar panel planning and installation service for UK businesses – please get in touch to discuss your needs and request a quote.

5. Maintain Your Assets And Equipment 

Old and faulty computer equipment, machinery, and inefficient assets are more energy hungry than newer and more efficient models, and also generate more waste heat. Make sure that all of your equipment is regularly serviced and maintained through a schedule of planned preventative maintenance (PPM), to ensure that it is running at peak efficiency throughout its life-cycle, and consider targeted upgrades to greener and more sustainable equipment so that you are not wasting energy unnecessarily.

6. Invest In Energy Storage Solutions 

An energy storage system – such as a network of electric batteries, thermal stores, or heat batteries - can reduce your business’s dependence on fossil fuels while increasing the level of renewable power within your business. When combined with renewable electricity generated by solar PV panels or another natural source, you’ll leverage long-term savings on powering a wide variety of office appliances, from servers and printers to EV charging points, kettles, and dishwashers.

Energy efficiency solutions from Lowe & Oliver

At Lowe & Oliver, we offer a range of mechanical and electrical engineering services to help businesses optimise and sustain their equipment and building infrastructure, lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. To find out more, please click here to request a call back from one of our experienced team.

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