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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems - Which Is Best For Your Business?

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 19th , 2021

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Thanks to modern technology and a host of innovations, the air conditioning industry has evolved in leaps and bounds. Not only are operators able to accurately control indoor temperatures, but there are a variety of unique configurations and design options to select. However, it can sometimes be difficult to appreciate which system is the most appropriate for your premises. Let us take a look at the main categories:

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Single-Split Systems

Single-split air conditioning units are the most common option and they are ideally suited for smaller spaces (such as offices, shops and small commercial buildings). The air conditioners are externally mounted as free-standing units; reducing the need for larger installations such as central air. Single-split systems are often the most cost-effective options. Installation times are generally quick and if maintained properly, these units can last for decades without experiencing any major issues.

Multi-Split Configurations

The technology behind multi-split systems is similar to single-split air conditioners. The major difference is that additional indoor units can be connected to a single exterior air conditioner. Multi-split systems are used in medium-sized locations such as restaurants, public buildings and medical facilities.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Often referred to by the acronym "VRF", variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems are one of the best options for larger buildings, including hotels, schools, retail outlets and mixed-use locations. These units are highly efficient due to their capacity to remove and recycle sources of waste heat, reducing energy costs over time. This heat can also be used to warm the interior environment. VRF systems can be placed outside of a structure or even mounted on a roof (common when referring to large commercial properties and hotels). (Totally misleading, they are the same as split or multi split systems inside the building and with single outside sections similar to Mulit splits for a number of internal units. The difference is in the way they are piped, the controls and their ability to do two things at once, I.e. heat one space whilst cooling others)

The Right System For You

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