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Fluorescent Lamps Are Being Phased Out In The UK: What This Means For Your Business

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 28th , 2023

A fluorescent lamp that will no longer be sold as part of the ongoing Fluorescent Lamps Phase Out in the UK as we continue our shift towards more energy-efficient lighting solutions for businesses.

On 1st September 2023, the UK passed an important milestone in the phasing out of fluorescent lamps. The long T5 and T8 ‘light tubes’ that formed the mainstay of commercial lighting infrastructure across the country for decades are now unavailable for sale from this date, as are the halogen capsules used in small-scale fluorescent lighting, and the ring form T5 and T9 variants.The change comes as part of a long-term strategy by the EU and the UK to phase out the use of hazardous and non-sustainable materials, including mercury, in lighting and electronic equipment.


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The Alternative To The Fluorescent Lamps: What We Recommend

The straightforward alternative to fluorescent lamps are LED lamps, which are now available in configurations that mirror all the former uses of fluorescent lighting, including LED plug-in light bulbs, LED panels, and LED battens of varying lengths. These LED alternatives are more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps, produce less waste heat, have a longer working life, are eco-friendlier, and do not contain any hazardous materials. 

They also provide a clear and clean light source that can be adapted to rooms and open areas of any size, allowing greater flexibility in designing a lighting architecture to suit the building’s purpose and occupants.

At A Glance – The Advantages Of LED Lighting

  • There are LED lamps on the market that match the size and shape of all obsolete fluorescent bulbs, so that like-for-like replacements can be made to lamps that are no longer available.

  • LED battens have an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, which is over three times more than a standard fluorescent light tube.

  • Even C- F rated LED lamps are up to 90% more energy efficient than fluorescent light bulbs, yielding immediate electricity savings.

  • LED lamps instantly switch on, eliminating the need to wait for light bulbs to warm up, and produce no flickering or diminishing of light quality.

  • LED lamps are not at risk of shorting out due to a high number of on/off switch cycles.

  • Many LED light manufacturers offer a standard five-year warranty with their products, making the transition completely risk free for businesses.

Are There Any Exceptions To The Ban?

Yes, some designated ‘special products’ used in the industrial or medical sectors will still be available for sale until February 2027, but this is only in cases where reliable mercury-free alternatives are not yet available. High pressure sodium (HSP) lamps can also be purchased until February 2027, but these are the only exceptions: the vast majority of fluorescent lamps used in offices, shops, workshops, schools, and public premises are now unavailable for purchase.

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If you are concerned about the ban on fluorescent lamps and would like to discuss the alternatives with one of our experienced team, please call Lowe & Oliver today on 01865 322200 or get in touch via our website. We can advise you on the best type of LED lighting for your premises and whether any rewiring or restructuring is required.


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