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Exterior Architectural LED Lighting For Historic Buildings & Museums

Posted by Paul Tuson on August 17th , 2021

LED Lighting For Historic Buildings Unique Property Redevelopments & Museums

At Lowe & Oliver we specialise in lighting architecture for historic buildings, museums and exclusive property redevelopments, where each project requires a different approach. We also undertake large scale LED lighting upgrades in the industrial and commercial sectors, and have been awarded a Royal Warrant for our work on royal palaces.

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Work on historic buildings has to be undertaken with due respect to the building’s interior, and often has to accommodate outdated electrical wiring. Many projects require extensive rewiring and modernisation before new lighting can be fitted. Nevertheless, LED lighting upgrades are possible for even the largest and oldest of buildings.

Benefits include:

  • Big savings on power consumption: power savings of over 80% are common.
  • Longer life, lower maintenance: the need for regular unit replacement and maintenance is negated.
  • Fast return on investment: through lower running costs, minimum maintenance and unit replacement costs.
  • Wide range of power options: can operate using 12Vdc – 48Vdc, or on 110Vac – 220Vac using standard transformers.
  • Secondary financial savings: LEDs operate at around 45C meaning less heat and reduced AC operation, further lowering utility costs.
  • Reduced light pollution: LEDs produce directional light with beam spread between 2 – 150 degrees.
  • Full dimming capabilities: using leading edge phase controllers, digital addressable interfaces or digital multiplex software.
  • Eco-friendly LEDs: LEDs help reduce carbon emissions and contain no toxic elements.

Why Work With Lowe & Oliver?

Choosing Lowe & Oliver for your electrical or LED lighting upgrade you get:

  • Full consultancy with our team of architects, designers, and project managers.
  • Work with Our designers using the latest CAD technologies to provide a cost-effective solution to your specific lighting requirements.
  • Planned implementation: with the planning stage completed we arrange for all works to be carried out with minimum disruption to your daily routines.
  • On completion we continue to offer full technical support with repair and maintenance options as required.

If you would like further information on how we can assist with your lighting upgrade please download our guide, Why Upgrade To LED Lighting?

Why Upgrade To LED Lighting


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