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Transforming Your Environment – The Role Of Professional Lighting Design In Public & Commercial Buildings

Posted by Paul Tuson on May 30th , 2024

A Public building showing how the environment was transformed with a professional lighting design

A professional lighting design service can help transform your environment, optimising your space for greater productivity, safety, and accessibility for employees, visitors, and service users. A professional lighting designer specialises in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of lighting architecture in various commercial and public spaces, using their expertise to develop individual lighting solutions that not only meet your functional needs but also contribute to greater aesthetic appeal and mood enhancement. 

In this article, we’ll look at the main areas that a lighting design consultant and contractor, such as Lowe and Oliver, can support you.

Visibility And Productivity

In busy commercial environments, good visibility plays an essential role in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Good visibility doesn’t necessarily involve maximising the amount of light or brightness in an area, but rather playing to the natural strengths of the space and finding the most efficient lighting architecture to accommodate the needs of users. A professional lighting designer will consider the various factors relevant to your premises, including natural light, artificial light, and the specific tasks performed in each area. For example, in an open plan office space, desk areas will require brighter and focused lighting for tasks, while breakaway areas and public walkways might benefit from softer, more ambient lighting.

Atmosphere And Aesthetic Appeal

Lighting dramatically influences the atmosphere and mood of a space. In retail environments and public spaces, for example, dramatic and creative lighting installations can help highlight products, subtly influence customer behaviour, and enhance the overall customer experience, and can also contribute to a warm and inviting ambiance that encourages customers to stay longer. 

Improving Safety

Adequate lighting is essential for health and safety and for avoiding accidents, particularly in busy public and commercial spaces. Outdoor areas such as car parks and walkways need to be well lit to avoid accidents, especially when the days are short in winter, and in the case of emergencies, it is vital to have a well-planned emergency and exit lighting infrastructure in place to facilitate a safe evacuation.

Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

With growing concerns about the environmental impact and energy consumption of the lighting systems used in commercial and public buildings, professional lighting design now also focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as usability. Modern design aims to maximise the use of natural light, and to deploy energy-efficient LED fixtures and bulbs in key areas to maximise light coverage while minimising the number of installations required. Smart control systems are also now available that automatically adjust lighting based on occupancy levels or daylight availability.

Specialist Lighting Design And Maintenance Services From Lowe & Oliver

Modern lighting design requires a deep understanding of how light interacts with various surfaces and materials within a space, and how it affects human behaviour and well-being, in order to create a unique combination of lighting installations and control systems to meet the safety, functional, and energy efficiency requirements of your business.

To find out more about our specialist lighting design and maintenance services, please contact Lowe and Oliver today by 01865730881.

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