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Ensure Your Building’s Electrical System Is Safe With Fixed Wire Testing

Posted by Paul Tuson on January 19th , 2023

electrician testing wires in a system to show that you should ensure your building's electrical system is safe with fixed wire testing

If you own or manage a commercial or industrial building, it's important to ensure that your electrical system is up to code and working properly. One way to do this is by getting fixed wire testing done at regular intervals across your premises. Fixed wire testing, also sometimes called "periodic testing" or "electrical installation conditioning", is a process in which an electrician tests the safety of your building's electrical systems and networked devices, including all of the wiring, switches, sockets, and other components.

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Fixed wire testing is required by law in the UK for all commercial and industrial buildings. The frequency of testing depends on the type of building; for example, office buildings typically need to be tested every five years, while warehouses may only need to be tested every ten years. However, even if your building falls outside of the mandatory testing interval, it's still a good idea to get fixed wire testing done on a regular basis to ensure that your electrical system is safe and operating as it should be.

Read on to learn more about why fixed wire testing is so important, as well as how often you should get it done.

Why Is Fixed Wire Testing Important?

There are numerous reasons why having periodic fixed wire testing carried out is so important. First of all, it helps ensure that your building is in compliance with UK health and safety regulations. In addition, fixed wire testing can identify any potential problems with your electrical system to an early stage before they cause serious damage or pose a danger to occupants of the building.

For example, if there are any loose wires or faulty switchgear in your electrical system, fixed wire testing will identify these issues so that they can be repaired before they cause a fire or other safety hazard. Similarly, if your building's electrical system is not properly earthed, this could pose a serious shock hazard; again, fixed wire testing will identify this problem so that it can be corrected before anyone gets hurt.

In short, having fixed wire testing conducted on a regular basis helps keep your building safe for both occupants and visitors alike.

How Often Should I Get Fixed Wire Testing Done?

The frequency of fixed wire testing depends on the type of building being tested; however, most businesses should have their building’s electrical systems tested at least every five years. This will help ensure that any potential problems are identified early and corrected before they escalate into an electrical hazard.

Of course, if you suspect that there may be an issue with your electrical system in between statutory testing periods —for example, if you notice flickering lights or sparks coming from plug sockets—you should have the system checked out as soon as possible regardless of how recently it was last tested.

Finally, remember that any time you make changes or additions to your electrical system—for example, if you add new outlets or install new lighting—it's a good idea to have the entire system retested to ensure that everything continues to meet UK health and safety standards.

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Fixed wire testing is an important part of maintaining a safe and compliant commercial or industrial property in the UK. By having regular fixed wire testing carried out on your building's electrical wiring infrastructure —and getting any necessary repairs or upgrades completed promptly—you can help keep your property safe for everyone who uses it, while also saving money on repairs and unscheduled downtime.

For more information about fixed wire testing or to speak with one of our electrical engineers about your organisational requirements, please call 01865 322200 today.

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