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Hot Water System Maintenance: Why Is It So Important?

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 27th , 2021


Regular maintenance of hot water systems is essential for avoiding common faults. The chances are any serious system breakdown will cost substantially more in lost output or manufacturing than the modest cost of an effective ongoing maintenance plan.

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While most electrical problems can be isolated, allowing work to continue in unaffected areas until the fault is rectified, hot water systems can affect the whole organisation. It can mean employees being sent home because of low temperatures, non-functioning toilets and sinks, or manufacturing processes held up.

Ongoing System Maintenance Can Reduce Costs

There are two main reasons why your business premises needs regular, ongoing hot water system maintenance: (1) To keep it operating, and (2) to keep it operating as efficiently and economically as possible.

In the UK there are over 25-million boilers installed in domestic, commercial and industrial premises, and most are gas-fired. Bearing in mind the high cost of all forms of energy, an annual service may not be enough to keep your boiler working safely, or working at its most economical, especially if it’s getting on in years. In places like colleges and universities with hundreds of students, or where hot water is part of the manufacturing process, ongoing hot water system maintenance should be considered the norm.

Minimise Breakdowns & Downtime

A commercial hot water system depends on many different parts working correctly for the whole to function. A fault in one component can cause the entire system to fail, so all parts must be serviced carefully. The boiler is not the only thing that needs to be checked during ongoing hot water system maintenance. Radiators, pipework and thermostats need checking, as does the plumbing for pipework leaks. Hot water tap temperatures have to be within certain levels, water quality levels monitored for bacteria, and water pressure checked.

No matter how diligently annual services are carried out, things can still break. Valves can fail and leaks can develop, usually at the most inopportune time, requiring an emergency call-out and the added costs that go with it. By using an ongoing hot water system maintenance plan, breakdowns are virtually eliminated. Small leaks are repaired before they become big leaks. Critical valves, gauges and thermostats can be checked and replaced if getting close to failure. And hot water regularly monitored to avoid any employee health issues.

Servicing & Repairs From Lowe & Oliver

At Lowe & Oliver we provide a range of servicing and maintenance options designed to suit your particular needs. Consider saving on long term repair costs by implementing an ongoing maintenance plan. For a bespoke quote please contact, or call 01865 322200 (Oxford Branch) or 02380 614700 (Southampton Branch).

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