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The Top 5 Benefits of Installing A Workplace Electric Charging Point at Your Business

Posted by Andrew Lambert on November 3rd , 2021


The recent fuel shortages at the UK’s petrol stations prompted a flurry of enquiries from motorists about purchasing electric vehicles (EVs), suggesting that public opinion is beginning to shift towards models that don’t rely on fossil fuels.

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With the UK Government committed to pursuing a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, now is the perfect time to plan the installation of electric car charging points for business users in your workplace.


The Benefits of Installing a Business Electric Car Charging Point


1) Increase Footfall

As the number of electric vehicles on the UK’s roads grows, demand for rapid and reliable charging points will soar. Drivers of electric vehicles will need to access charging points whenever they need, at all times of the day, particularly in locations where they can wait while their car recharges.

Mobile app and satnav technology will make it easy for motorists to find a charging point, even if they’re simply passing by your premises on a long journey. The increasing demand is a golden opportunity for your business to acquire new customers, who can spend time on your premises exploring your merchandise or learning about your services, with their long-term custom there for the taking.


2) Introduce Electric Vehicles To Your Fleet

Without EV charging points on site, introducing electric vehicles to your fleet is challenging if you have to traipse miles every time they need recharging. Yet electric vehicles offer many benefits for your business, including decreased running costs, outstanding safety, and low emissions.

By installing a charging point on your premises, you can confidently add EV vehicles to your fleet, knowing that your staff will never have to travel far to ‘refuel’ the car. Also, because electric vehicles are considerably cheaper to operate than those with conventional combustion engines, you will quickly recoup the cost of charging point installation.


3) Future-Proof Your Business

As the deadline for the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles approaches, it’s likely that the Government will ramp up the pressure on businesses to switch to electric cars. Consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that can actively demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendly actions.

Therefore, taking decisive steps now to install business electric car charging points will set your brand aside as one that takes its responsibility to sustainability seriously. Earning the respect of your customers will only reinforce their long-term loyalty.


4) Lower Your Business’s Environmental Impact

Recent scientific reports confirm that the planet is heading for catastrophic warming, so positive action is now needed from consumers and businesses alike to avert a significant disaster that will have implications for generations.

As a responsible, environmentally friendly brand, you can make a notable contribution by switching to electric vehicles and providing charging points for members of the public. Unless our use of petroleum is cut significantly, the worst effects of global warming will still occur. Every single electric vehicle that replaces a petrol or diesel model will make a difference, so introducing charging points on your premises will demonstrate your brand’s commitment.


5) Take Advantage Of Workplace Grants

At present, 75% of the cost of installing electric vehicle charging points is covered by the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), so there’s a strong incentive to act now to take advantage of this offer. However, the grant won’t be provided forever, so it will cost more in future to install charging points on your business premises. Decisive action now will save your business significantly.


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At Lowe and Oliver, we’re OLEV-registered and NIC EAC-accredited EV charging station installers and are committed to supporting businesses like yours to become active players in the Sustainable Revolution. Simply contact us to discuss your business’s needs and our friendly experts will be in touch.

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