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What Regulations Apply To Installing EV Charging Stations?

Posted by Paul Tuson on October 2nd , 2019

Lower running costs, reduced carbon emissions, pricing levels and subsidies mean that electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly attractive transport option. However, when setting up a new EV charging station, what regulations should the installer follow? Here, we highlight the essential requirements for architects, consultants and electrical engineering technicians to consider when installing charger stations for EVs.

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Topics: Electric Vehicles

Why Ongoing Hot Water System Maintenance Is So Vital

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 30th , 2019

Regular maintenance of hot water systems is essential for avoiding common faults. The chances are any serious system breakdown will cost substantially more in lost output or manufacturing than the modest cost of an effective ongoing maintenance plan.

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Topics: Building Maintenance

Why Install An EV Charging Station At Your Workplace?

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 27th , 2019

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem much to consider. By 2035 we are supposed to be an all-electric country, vehicle wise. With the current voucher scheme of 75% of the cost of installation (up to £500/unit) paid for by government, maybe installing charging centres in the workplace sooner rather than later is the best option. Here are a few things to consider.

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Topics: Electric Vehicles

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Vehicle?

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 25th , 2019

Ownership of electric and hybrid motor vehicles is becoming noticeably more accessible, thanks to technological advances and price reductions. This greener type of motoring has steadily become more visible over the last few years; in May 2019, there were 12,000 EV (electric vehicle) public charging points in the UK. According to Auto Express, this remarkable figure was fivefold that of just eight years before, in 2011. Below, with motorists who own EVs (or plan to acquire one) in mind, we consider the cost of charging an EV and how it compares to refuelling petrol and diesel cars.

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Topics: Electric Vehicles

Finding The Right Electrical Contractor For Your Business

Posted by Andrew Lambert on September 20th , 2019

Business directories and phone books list numerous electrical contractors, but how does one select the right firm of electricians? When projects are ambitious or non-standard in terms of their goals and involve significant expenditure, the choice of supplier becomes all the more important. Factors such as good communication, capacity, and compatibility with one’s business ethos need due consideration, too. Here we list some points to contemplate when choosing an electrical contractor.

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Topics: Electrical Contractor

The Evolution of the Light Emitting Diode

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 19th , 2019

Although LED cost per unit is higher compared to incandescent lighting, energy savings are high. The Energy Savings Trust estimates the annual running cost of one halogen is £11, and the equivalent LED, just £2. Nowadays in new builds, LEDs are being installed as a matter of course. With halogens already being phased out, people and businesses are reaping the financial reward of lower utility bills by switching from halogen and fluorescent lighting to LEDs.

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Topics: LED Lighting

How LED Lighting Soon Recoups Installation Costs

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 17th , 2019

An innovative and energy efficient alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED lighting uses significantly less electricity than its predecessors. Organisations and businesses can reduce consumption and benefit from lower utility bills. However, there are other advantages that we detail below, along with the potential savings and how they offset the initial expenditure.

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Topics: LED Lighting

LED Lighting For Historic Buildings Unique Property Redevelopments & Museums

Posted by Paul Tuson on September 16th , 2019

At Lowe & Oliver we specialise in lighting architecture for historic buildings, museums and exclusive property redevelopments, where each project requires a different approach. We also undertake large scale LED lighting upgrades in the industrial and commercial sectors, and have been awarded a Royal Warrant for our work on royal palaces.

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Topics: LED Lighting

What Is The Average Cost Of Upgrading To LED Lighting?

Posted by Paul Tuson on May 3rd , 2019

Image: Lowe and Oliver carried out the refurbishment which included LED lighting upgrade for HQube Headquarters.

In the short time energy saving Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), have been available in the mainstream lighting market, the technology has continued apace. Now, with LED specific dimmers, motion controllers and colour rendering available, they have been adopted as the lighting of choice in new commercial builds, and are the most popular upgrade in commercial properties. With incandescent lighting already obsolete, and compact fluorescent lighting due to be phased out in 2020, the choice of whether to upgrade will soon be taken out of your hands. So, how do you work out the average cost of upgrading your business lighting?

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Topics: LED Lighting

4 Tips To Consider When Looking For Your University’s Hot Water System Installer

Posted by Andrew Lambert on April 25th , 2019

Image: Lowe and Oliver undertook the complete Mechanical & Electrical installation of a new six storey Bournemouth University Student Building.

As a facilities manager, it’s important to know when your maintenance staff can undertake a job, and when you need to call in the big guns. While your onsite engineers can happily cope with the day-to-day breakdowns and maintenance routines of your university’s hot water system, it is often more cost-effective to call in specialist mechanical contractors for breakdowns, extensive upgrades and large-scale installations. How though, do you pick the right company?

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Topics: Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor

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