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How Can Your Business Achieve Cleaner Air on Its Premises?

Posted by Paul Tuson on August 3rd , 2023


As a business owner, your priority often centres around driving growth, building strong teams, and exceeding customer expectations. However, there's one essential aspect that sometimes slips under the radar - the quality of air within your business premises. It's a silent, often overlooked, yet critical factor in creating a healthy, productive work environment.

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Topics: Electrical Contractor, Air Conditioning For Businesses, Renewable Energy

A Guide to Cutting Your Energy Bill and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Photovoltaic Panels

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 24th , 2023

Solar energy is an attractive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly power source. One of the most popular and efficient ways for businesses, schools, and public organisations to harness this renewable resource is through photovoltaic (PV) panels.

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Topics: Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Renewable Energy

Are Electric Cars Still A Viable Option For Businesses During An Energy Crisis?

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 10th , 2023


The global energy crisis is sending shockwaves through every sector, and for the automotive industry, in which the switch to electric and hybrid vehicles was in full swing until 2022, the predicament is especially challenging.

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Topics: Electrical Contractor, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy

The Nervous System of Modern Business: Why Data Cabling Is So Important!

Posted by Paul Tuson on July 3rd , 2023

In the digital workplace of the 2020s, the significance of data cabling in businesses cannot be overstated. Mirroring the role of the nervous system in a human body, data cabling forms the fundamental framework for all communication and data transfer within an organisation.

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Topics: Building Maintenance, Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor

Why Early Summer Is the Optimal Time To Get Your Business’s Heating System Checked

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 30th , 2023

During high summer, when the temperatures are verging on scorching, it's easy to forget about your business's heating system.

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Topics: Building Maintenance

Heat Energy Storage Systems: The Overlooked Solution To Your Business’s Energy Needs

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 17th , 2023

Navigating the energy landscape can be challenging for businesses seeking to balance cost efficiency with sustainability. Yet, among various energy storage systems, such as electric batteries, pumped hydroelectric storage, and compressed air energy storage, one technology has been underappreciated: heat batteries or thermal energy storage systems. This innovative solution could be the key to unlocking significant energy savings and sustainability benefits for your business.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Electrical Contractor, Renewable Energy

Preparing Your Air Conditioning BEFORE Summer Arrives

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 16th , 2023

The advent of summer invariably brings with it an increasing reliance on air conditioning systems to mitigate the discomfort of the sweltering heat.

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Topics: Building Maintenance, Mechanical Contractor, Air Conditioning For Businesses

Government Funding Designed To Help Businesses Go Green - What You Need To Know

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 15th , 2023

There are several ways in which UK businesses can go green by improving energy efficiency and increasing their reliance on renewable energy sources – but each initiative comes with a cost, and some infrastructure changes can be extremely expensive. Fortunately, there are a variety of government funding schemes, financial incentives, and

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Topics: Renewable Energy

6 Benefits You Need To Know About Using Heat Pumps

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 8th , 2023

With the cost of heating a commercial premises high at the moment, many business owners and commercial landlords are asking the question whether heat pumps are energy-efficient enough to be a viable substitute for gas central heating. In fact, heat pumps are a good option for most large-scale premises, and we recommend that

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Topics: Renewable Energy

Which Businesses Have Been Fined For Skipping PAT Testing?

Posted by Paul Tuson on June 1st , 2023

Portable Appliance Testing(PAT) is a legal requirement in the UK for any business or public organisation that uses ‘portable electrical appliances’. This catchall category covers any mains-powered electrical device that is hand-held or can be moved whilst connected to an electric source – so the PAT test legal requirements cover fridges, kettles, hair dryers, TVs, phone chargers, power leads, extension leads, computer monitors, and so on.

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Topics: Building Maintenance, Electrical Contractor

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